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Re: [IP] High BG 2 Hours After Breakfast

At 12:47 AM 4/27/03, you wrote:

>This inability to control breakfast is a new development.
>The cereal (1 1/2 cup at 24g carb per 3/4 c) and
>soy milk (15-19g carb a cup) are pretty much the same.
>Suggestions as to What's Up Here?
>Lee   Type I 32 years, 57 year old woman, pumping 1 year.

Hi Lee,

Have you tried fasting rather than eating breakfast to see what happens?  I 
have "delayed" dawn syndrome which causes my bgs to rise after I get up in 
the morning.  Even with fasting they will continue to rise.  This may not 
solve your difficulty, but it may give you a bit more insight of what is 
happening.  Hope this helps.

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