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Re: [IP] High BG 2 Hours After Breakfast

 Could you try eating something else for breakfast for a few days to see if its
the food or your body going crazy? Could the make -up of the food contents or it
could just be some hormonal(like dawn phenom) this would let you know what your
dealing with.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> I'm having a problem and need help figuring this out.
> I have a multi-grain cereal & soy milk for breakfast and
> my bg is mostly between 80-100 at that time.
> One hour later it's close to 300 bg.
> Two hours later it's still up there.
> If I take any more insulin, I plummet.
> If I leave it alone it slowly comes down to normal.
> I've tried: 4 units right at breakfast;
> 4 u now & 2 u over the next two hours;
> 4 u 20 minutes before eating;
> 4 u 20 minutes before eating & then 2 u over the two
> hours after the meal...  Same scenario.
> I using Novolog in a Paradigm pump.
> Normally I take 1 u for every 15 carbs.
> 1 u lowers my bg 50 points.
> My basal is .5u/hr except from 3am to 8am
> and from 2pm to 6pm when it goes to .6u/hr.
> This inability to control breakfast is a new development.
> The cereal (1 1/2 cup at 24g carb per 3/4 c) and
> soy milk (15-19g carb a cup) are pretty much the same.
> Suggestions as to What's Up Here?
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