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Re: [IP] High BG 2 Hours After Breakfast

> I'm having a problem and need help figuring this out.
> I have a multi-grain cereal & soy milk for breakfast and
> my bg is mostly between 80-100 at that time.
> One hour later it's close to 300 bg.
> Two hours later it's still up there.
> If I take any more insulin, I plummet.
> If I leave it alone it slowly comes down to normal.
> This inability to control breakfast is a new development.
> The cereal (1 1/2 cup at 24g carb per 3/4 c) and
> soy milk (15-19g carb a cup) are pretty much the same.
> Suggestions as to What's Up Here?

That sort of reaction is usually from a high glycemic meal. The 
multi-grain cereal is probably made from highly refined grains that 
digest quickly. Two suggestions -- 1) change cereals to one with 
"whole" grain content, or eat a "junk food" cereal that has complex 
sweeteners added (i.e. frosted flakes, etc...). These sugars take a 
while to digest and smooth out the glucose peak. 2) add a complex 
sweetner to the cereal (i.e. honey, etc...). or.... eat some other 
items to average out the glucose release. i.e. fruit, fat (butter on 

See Rick Mendosa's web site on Glycemic Index (links page of the IP 

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