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Re: [IP] Ultra Smart not worth it

It is worth the wait, I love this meter! I also have the soft ware for down
loading it to the computer, this makes it ever better!!!
Tami in Tucson
> ---------------------------------------------
> That's a feature I wanted very badly.
> Medisense came out with a cool meter. It glows in the dark, and has a
> little light that
> shines out toward the strip so you can see where the strip is going, etc.
> For some reason it has been unavailable. I called Medisense and they said
> that it looks so much like the Precision QID, that most pharmacies are not
> stocking them,  but instead they are trying to get rid of their stock of
> I really wanted one. When I told the company they were  not available,
> gave me a coupon for $50 off the meter. I eventually threw out the coupon,
> it's not worth it if you can't get it.
> Here's the web site. If you scroll down to the bottom, there's a photo of
> the meter.
> http://www.glucerna-precision.com/servlet/nutrio?page=224&cat=0
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