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Re: [IP] Newly pumping

On Sat, 26 Apr 2003 10:17:15 -0400, "Debbie Crawford" 
<email @ redacted> wrote:
 > I appreciate this list and all the helpful tips, etc.  We are new to 
 > list although my 9 (10 tomorrow) son has been diagnosed for 3 1/2 
years.  We
 > just got on the pump this week (Deltec Cozmo) and things are crazy.  
 > sugars are like a roller coaster ride.  As much as I didn't like NPH, 
 > seems worse.

The basal, bolus, and correction rates that your son was started on were 
just your endo's educated **guess** as to what they should actually be. 
Nearly every pump startup involves a period (weeks or sometimes months) 
of trial and error to find the correct rates. It helps if you only 
change one thing at a time, and see what was the result of that change. 
You may think this is just slowing down the process of getting adjusted, 
but if you try to speed it up the picture gets confused because you, and 
the endo, don't know which change produced the desired result, or the 
undesired high or low. After the correct rates have been figured out, 
things will probably be stable for a while, but then there will be a 
need for adjustments, probably big adjustments as your son approaches 
puberty. It will be so much easier to deal with it with the pump than it 
would have been with injections.

I fully support the recommendation of John Walsh's book "Pumping 
Insulin". Be sure and buy it through the link to Amazon that's on the 
Insulin Pumpers web page. That way IP will receive a donation from 

Happy Birthday to your son (please tell us his name!). I was just one 
month after my 10th birthday when I was diagnosed in 1942.

Tom Beatson
dx 12/1942, 506 1995, 508 2000
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