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Re: [IP] What is a fever?

> My little boy has a low grade fever (and is taking baby tylenol) and is
> working on some back teeth right now which made me ponder what exactly a
> is. I thought some of you smart medical folks could help me. Is a fever a
> result or byproduct of the body's immune system fighting off something? Or
> it more that the body is so "busy" fighting the germs that it loses
> over maintaining body temp as closely? (I know this is a simplistic way to
> it.) And what is it about a fever that does damage? I know that high
> are dangerous, but why?

Low grade fevers are not necessary to treat.  I only treat them in my
children if they are experiencing other symptoms that are making them
miserable, or if they drift up above about 102.

I think the purpose of a fever is to fight the infection.  The body doesn't
become ineffective in regulating the temperature -- it IS regulating the
temperature, but higher fevers make the environment less hospitable to the
germs that are making the person sick.

Like I said, I don't treat it if the only "sick" symptom is a temperature
between normal and 102.  But many times, soon after the elevated temp comes
the miserable sick symptoms, and that's when I break down and treat it.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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