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Re: [IP] Newly pumping

Hello Debbie,

Welcome to  the list!

I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on television.  A few observations
that I have picked up along the way:

I don't think I saw how old your son was.  If he is just going into puberty,
that is a  time of hormonal roller coaster rides.  As his other hormones
raise and lower, so will his reaction to insulin.

Also, I did see you mention pizza and ice cream.  The fat content of these
items may cause the digestion of the carbs to be delayed.  There is a good
deal of discussion about pizza here.  I am still working at it myself.  A
square bolus or a dual wave bolus may help for those high fat items.

As was said, his activity level was probably way down while he was in the
hospital.  I'd suggest keeping a close eye on him after he gets home.  You
will be able to establish patterns amongst his hormonal swings (if he is the
age for it)  and things will get a bit more smoother.

If you don't have it, I recommend "Pumping Insulin" by Walsh.  You can buy
it off the list home page.  It goes through Amazon.com but the list gets
some money for it.  This book will answer all sorts of questions you have
and give you information about things you haven't thought about yet.

Good luck and best wishes!


> Hello list,
> know this is all new to us and we need to give it time but it is just so
> confusing.  Thanks for patiently reading my long post.
> Debbie Crawford
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