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[IP] Newly pumping

Hello list,
I appreciate this list and all the helpful tips, etc.  We are new to the
list although my 9 (10 tomorrow) son has been diagnosed for 3 1/2 years.  We
just got on the pump this week (Deltec Cozmo) and things are crazy.  His
sugars are like a roller coaster ride.  As much as I didn't like NPH, this
seems worse.  I have wondered if his set was working properly but he is
getting insulin but it's just "kicking in" at weird times.  Our endo. has
his patients in the hospital for 23 hr. observation so.. when we got there
his sugars were in the low 200's, an hour after the pump was on and a basal
of .3 his sugar came down to 93.  Good sign things are working.  Well... he
then ate lunch and we counted the carbs exactly and gave the correct bolus,
educator standing there watching every step, which was very helpful and
assuring.  He actually ate pizza and ice cream and two hour post was 150.
Yeah, I like this.  Well, that's when everything seemed to change.  BG at
dinner was 153 and 2 hour post was 181, I thought the BG's were supposed to
go DOWN.   10 pm BG was 231 and 12 mid. BG was 211.  Doctor called and
changed the basal from 8 pm to 8 am to .4.  3 a.m BG was 214 and 8 am was
194.  Doc came in that morning and changed basals again.  Now it's .3 during
the day from 8 a to 8 p; .4 from 8 p to midnight and .5 from midnight to 8
a.  Well yesterday at breakfast we counted carbs exactly again and 2 hours
after he was 348.   We were leaving the hospital and I stopped by the
educators office and she said she thought that was okay, he wasn't as active
in the hospital, not much to do, so let's wait and see. I thought maybe
something was wrong with the set, but she said she didn't think so.  We are
using quick set.  Well at dinner last night, sugar was 128 and then 2 hrs.
later 269 and then at 10 pm. 354.  What?  So instructions were to give a
correction bolus if ever over 300.  I gave the bolus at 10 and woke him at
midnight and he was 53.  I am so confused.  I can't understand it all.  I
don't want to freak but something is not making sense to me.  If anyone has
any ideas or similar experiences or insight we would be appreciative.  I
know this is all new to us and we need to give it time but it is just so
confusing.  Thanks for patiently reading my long post.
Debbie Crawford
email @ redacted
Mom to Kendall, dx'd 11/99, 10 yrs. old tomorrow
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