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Re: [IP] Looking for a deal on an Ultra Smart

At 3:08 AM -0700 4/26/03, Paul Miller wrote:
>  Hi Sylvia,What meters do you recommend? Are there meters that you 
>can calculate
>shots and bolusus with?
>  email @ redacted wrote:
>It may be that it isn't even worth trying to get. The Ultra Smart is not
>'pump friendly' meaning you can't put in basal insulins or anything else. I
>was debating getting this to use with my son but after 'talking' it over with
>others on this list and thoroughly reading everything about it I have decided
>that it is NOT worth the cost.
>Just my ionion!


I use a Freestyle Tracker on my Handspring which gives me all that a 
UltraSmart does along with all that a Handspring (Palm device) can 
do.  For calculating boluses I use the EZ Manager, which hopefully 
will be upgraded soon to incorporate the results from the Tracker.

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