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Re: [IP] Looking for a deal on an Ultra Smart

At 10:11 PM 4/25/03, you wrote:
>Out of principle, I can't seem to buy a meter unless it's almost no cost to
>me.  Test strips are too much of a rip off as it is, so why should we have to
>buy the meter.  They should be free.  And sometimes are.  But of course when
>you want the newest and snazziest meter, it will cost you.  It retails at my
>local pharmacy for $100 with $50 in rebate/trade-in.  I found it on line for
>$79.95 plus $4.95 shipping.  But that's still $35 out of pocket.  Was
>wondering if anyone has found one cheaper anywhere (pharmacy or on line)?

While I agree about buying meters, I recently got the Ultra Smart just 
because I didn't want to wait until they were a bit old before I got one to 
try.  I purchased mine online for $79.95 plus shipping and turned the 
receipt in to my insurance company.  I figure they haven't bought me a 
meter in about 20 years now, so it was high time they did.  After a little 
fooling around with them (I had to resubmit putting their diagnosis code 
(250.01) and procedure code (E0607) on the paperwork.  I also got a 
prescription from my doctor stating that I needed a glucose monitor to 
monitor my diabetes (even though this is not a prescription payable item, I 
find it beneficial to have the doctor prescribe the item).  I just received 
the check yesterday for the total amount I paid, including the shipping (my 
insurance pays 100% of medical supplies).  So, I guess if you want to try, 
you could submit it to insurance.  I would not, however, apply for the 
rebates and then submit the full amount to insurance.   Btw, my insurance 
is BC/BS of Michigan, Community Blue PPO and Michigan does have the law 
requiring diabetes supplies to be paid for.  YMMV.

dxd 1963, pumping 2000
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