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Re: [IP] what the heck do we need our doctors for...

Not all doctors are the same and that doesn't mean that all doctors who do 
things a different way are bad doctors.  I agree that a doctor should 
listen to us.  Some doctors want their hand in all the aspects of a 
patient's care, some doctors leave a lot up to the patients.  Whichever way 
they are, as long as the patient is happy with their doctor's involvement, 
what difference does it make?  My endo was not pro-pump.  So I had to 
convince him I needed one.  I would have switched to another doctor if he 
finally would not have seen it my way, but I decided to work with 
him.  He's a fairly easy doctor to see.  He doesn't necessarily require me 
to present log sheets at every visit (I like that, since I'm the world's 
worse log sheet keeper).  He helps me when I have problems, if I visit him 
and he says, "well how are things going?" and I say, "great", that's about 
it.  No prying into my life.  He knows if I have a problem or issue I will 
tell him.  He orders the necessary testing and medical supplies that I need 
and that's all I really require from him at this time.  I pretty much 
handle my pump myself.  I fast and test and adjust my basals myself.  I 
prefer it that way.  My endo knows that I am a very capable person when it 
comes to my diabetes care.  He doesn't infringe on my freedom, and I like 
it that way.  YMMV.

dxd 1963, pumping 2000
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