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[IP] Gosh I need Support Now

Hi fellow pumpers

OK I've made it through 9/11, lost many friends, got pneumonia (polluted
air?) recovered, moved from NY to Albany where my only contacts were a
couple of other insulin pumpers from this list who guided me a bit through
the medical maze (thanks guys) and made it through last month .  The round
of medical specialists seemed never ending: endo, primary care ,CDE, low
visions specialist, retinal specialist, glaucoma specialist, podiatrist and

Two weeks ago a dear friend in NY who had been a minister at Ground Zero and
developed all sorts of illnesses was killed crossing a street. Deep pain and
shock! Then my husband (non diabetic) was found to be anemic and the usual
tests for sources of GI bleeding came out negative.  I asked that he be
given a chest Xray since he was an ex smoker. A mass was found and a CatScan

The stress had previously  landed ME in ER with severe back pains which led
to more tests including an MRI (no result yet) and an EMG which showed (no
surprise) severe neuropathy in both hands (makes it hard to change batteries
in my pump and I can't pinch my cat's (diabetic) skin to give her insulin
shots, but that' another story) and I also have thoraco abdominal neuropathy
with whatever may show up on the MRI.

The EMG doc was obnoxious contantly refering to "sorry I have to torture you
now- after I asked him NOT to use that term and just do what he had to do to
get the best diagnosis possible.  Later he overheard me telling the next
patient,, a shaking, frightened 14 year old who was asking me if the test
was painful to just focus on the screen and also maybe put Duct tape over
the doc's mouth so he wouldn't have to listen to every comment he made.  The
doc stonely asked me to leave,  which I did graciously less I create more
stress for his next victim.

I didn't have time to think of further revenge as once home a phone call
from my husband's doc gave us more bad news. My beloved has lung cancer as
shown on  Xray and CatScan. The Pulmonologists are all on vacation this week
so we have to wait till next week for whatever comes next, but the prognosis
was horrible and even duct tape wouldn't have help shut this doc up from
telling us more than the present facts.  How do you apply tape via phone!  I
did ask him though if he could help us by just sticking with what we
presently know so that we have a chance to recover a bit  and plan the next
move. He very nicely agreed.

OK so why am I writing to IP?  I need help.  If I could only CRY-anyone have
suggestions on how to get get the  tears flowing- I know it would ease some
of my pain and I could take all this one day at a time.  Strangely my bg is
staying within range and I know that my pump is now a sort of guardian angel
making it possible for me to eventually accept life on its own terms. But
I'm scared right now.  My son lives in Canada so he will come as soon as I
ask him, but I know this is going to be a long haul.

Thanks for any support you can give me

Denise Guerin
Type 1  almost 49 years
Animas IR 1000
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