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Re: [IP] New Thread....kind of

> MY question and concern, about changing the resevoir independently from
> tubing, is getting air in between the resevoir and tubing on reconnecting
> two pieces. I mean, the tubing is already primed.....
> So how do you deal with this? Any and all thoughts appreciated.

What I do is first clamp it off to be sure none leaks out, but of course
what is in the luer lock (assuming you have that kind) does leak out.  So I
fill the reservoir with approximately ten extra units.  With the needle
still attached to the reservoir, I fill the luer lock opening.  Then I
remove the needle and screw it back onto the luer lock.  When doing this, I
never get air bubbles there.  I find that works better in terms of avoiding
air bubbles there, because sometimes when you attach directly to an unprimed
one, a little air already in the luer lock stays trapped even after you
prime with insulin.

This is a bit of a hassle, though.  I usually opt to change the tubing at
the same time as the reservoir change to avoid that kind of hassle.
Occasionally I will fill a new reservoir/tubing the night before a site
change and change the site itself the following morning.


dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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