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[IP] I did it!

Finally at long last I am officially a pumper!
Just starting on the basics and getting to know what to do and how to do it.
It's only been a few hours and the more I learn the better I like it.
I have the Cozmo and the software that is available for it.
I joined this group several weeks ago and I have learned so much from reading
the posts. It got kind of strange because everytime I had a question and was
ready to write, someone was posting what I was interested in.
I have a really terrific trainer, full of patience and understanding. Can you
tell I like the people in this office?
I'm an amateur radio operator and much to my surprise....the Cozmo sends morse
code when it does its self check. It actually says ok. I wonder what it says
if something is wrong.  Lets hope I don't have to find out.
Enough of me being proud of my self. Just a big big thankyou to all of you
that post regularly.

type 1 since 1976
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