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[IP] was abbreviations moved to On Your Own

Faith Said:
She pretty much said, "well there you go, have fun, you're on your own!"
I guess I'm just frustrated for the "lack" in this area.
Sharon Replied:
When I started on my first pump 4 years ago. The training part seemed slow
because she was trying to figure out my basal rates-my doctor had my two
injections set too high resulting in me "feeding lows" - I found I had to eat
at certain days or have severe low blood sugar (LBS). That took a good month,
then it was 6 weeks at least getting straightened out enough to start my
actual pump training. I am glad that it was slower - we did about a week of
Saline acting out bolusing while covering meals with a shot. After doing the
actual hookup with insulin, I seen the CDE - certified diabetes educator a few
more times before she discharged me. But she did call me and ask me if I was
AOK with everything. During that 3 1/2 years, I called her a few times to ask
questions or just to talk. My regular doctor also sent the CDE my A1C's just
for the record because the hospital's diabetes education program was keeping
track of all this information.
When I started my Paradigm, I went through one training to demonstrate that I
could bolus, change reservoirs, and sets. That was all I received, but there
are group classes offered every month for the next three months that I am
going to. So far I am feeling pretty good about it all, I just know that I can
call if I need help and I know she wouldn't have discharged me if she knew I
couldn't handle it. Happy pumping Sharon B
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