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[IP] Re: Brittle?

"Peter Steinberg" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>A brittle diabetic is one who's sugars fluctuate, rapidly and wildly, up 
>or down, but usually upward, without having any apparent cause.

I fit this description very much before I went on the pump.  I could change 
from 30 to 300 back to 30 all within the matter of an hour.   A graph of my 
daily bgs looked like a roller coaster ride.  The interesting thing is, 
that once I went on the pump, most of these swings without "apparent" cause 
began to have causes.  For instance, I discovered when I was put on the 
pump with a controlled basal amount, that my bgs shot up high after I woke 
and got up every morning, whether I ate anything or not.  That has been 
attributed to a higher amount of hormone in my system.  Pre-pump we had no 
idea why this happened.  I went through a lot of fooling around with 
injections and insulin and food for breakfast with no success.  Now, I just 
take a 1 unit bolus when I get out of bed and my bgs are great all morning, 
whether I eat eggs and toast, cereal or a donut.

I am very sensitive to activity.  On injections, I had no way to regulate 
my basal (with NPH, you had what you took) and I used to bicycle with 
regular coke in the water holder on my bike (my husband also carried one on 
his bike, cuz sometimes it took 2).  With the pump, I can adjust my basal 
and/or bolus to prepare for exercise and, for the first time, I can 
exercise without consuming mass quantities of carbs to keep from getting 
low.  I enjoy exercise so much more now.

There are so many other times that my bgs would become erratic.  With the 
pump, for the first time my bgs are stable.  And, if they do swing up 
occasionally, all it takes is a quick bolus to correct.  I can't ask for 
more (except for maybe a cure).  YMMV.

dxd 1963 pumping 2000
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