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[IP] Re: Brittle? and other issues

MsTasha Said:

>the pump is not a green light to do whatever we want.

And yet that is exactly what I was told it was by my endo and the CDE, as 
long as I bolus and count carbs corrently.

You must be a Joslin flunky.   Joslin considers treating a low to be 
"cheating".  You don't seem to understand what the pumps benefits are (and 
granted, I am not the best person to be extolling the use of insulin pumps). 
  Perhaps you need to see medical professionals who are more up to date in 
treatment issues.

>I meant it must have been made, because of persons carelessly caring >for 
>their diabetes, <snipped> it is an insulting term, especially when >one has 
>done everything possible to care for themselves.

If you think that the majority of people on this list are "carelessly 
caring" for our own diseases, perhaps this isn't thing right forum for you.

Weird Jenn
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