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Re: [IP] Swimming/jacuzzi and the pump

> Also, does your adhesive on the infusion set start to fall off once you've
> been in a pool or jacuzzi and what do you do to keep it from happening? I
> the IV prep but even when I've been in the shower they start to fall off a

Since I have never had a waterproof pump, I'm not going to be able to
address your first question.  But I have had the problem you are referring
to with it falling off any time you get it wet -- even if that is just in
the shower.

The stuff most people here highly recommend is Mastisol.  It sounds to me
like overkill, but then again, I rarely swim.

I personally find IV Prep WORTHLESS in terms of making the site stick
better.  I use Skin Prep, also made by Smith and Nephew.  It is usually
sufficient for keeping my sites as long as I need them.  On the rare
occasion when the tape starts to loosen around the edges, I re-enforce *as
soon* as I notice a problem, so that it doesn't have a chance to loosen
where it counts -- where the cannula could get loosened or infected with
some kind of germ that worked its way in there.

Hope that helps.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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