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Re: RE[IP] Abbreviations /FINALLY

Yo!  Jan!:--

         That's a little "Philadelphian".

         I received a copy of an e-mail that you sent to "Ms. Tasha"
concerning your question about brittle diabetes.

        I am a brittle diabetic, and, before I went on the pump, I couldn't
keep my sugars under control for the life of me!  And, as you know, it is for
the life of me!

        A brittle diabetic is one who's sugars fluctuate, rapidly and wildly,
up or down, but usually upward, without having any apparent cause.

        Even now, while using the pump, I can suffer from this, although very,
very rarely, and it is avoidable.

        My daytime base rate is .5 units per hour; however, if for some reason
I do not get insulin (let's say, the infusion set becomes loose, the sight
becomes non-receptive, a new soft-set was not inserted properly, or whatever)
for only two hours (I missed 1.0 units), my sugar, usually very consistent
with pump use and previously normal, will jump to 225 - 250 without fail!
Fortunately, this does not happen often.  When I note the problem and change
soft sets, I can get my sugars back to normal, within an hour or two, but it
will usually take 8 - 10 units of insulin, all because I missed one unit.
This is without eating or any external stimulant to cause any of this.


P.S.:  I can hear the "Philadelphian" in your voice and your attitude!  What a
nice thing from the past.


P.P.S.;  I you are able to eat what you want and still keep your sugar under
control, then welcome to the club!  When you can do that, you have taken
"pumping" to a new height, where it more resemble your pancreas than anything
else.  Congratulations!


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Ms Tasha,  I dont usually continue to comment on the list but I asked and
didnt receive any answer from you about the term "brittle" diabetic.  Your
comment, to some of us, inferred that we didnt/dont take care of our bodies.
And I did become annoyed with the label of "brittle" being implied.  Heaven
knows some of the remarks made are sarcastic on this list and even rude but
in this case, your post was an insinuation that if someone ate what they
wanted that they weren't taking care of themselves.  If I got the wrong
impression by the initial post than please forgive my wrong presumption and
please explain THE meaning of brittle to us.  BTW, I, also resent someone
suggesting that I am LOW when I am displaying a valid annoyance.  I am not
low but am annoyed.  If this post necessitates an apology for any
misunderstanding on my part one will certainly be forthcoming.  Jan Dxd 1/64
Pumping 4/02
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