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Re: RE[IP] Abbreviations /FINALLY

I agree with you Chris, there are a  lot of tempers showing today. 
I think we all need to remember that this is a free place, we all have our 
own opinions, own ideas, situations and choices. What is right for one may 
not be right for all. Some are vegetarians (been there, done that) and some 
are can't do with out meat. We all need to remember that this is a wonderful 
site for discussing what does or does not work best for each of us, but in no 
way implys that some one else's opinion is wrong. In all ideas presented, 
which tape or set, pump or diet, YMMV, as we are each INDIVIDUAL. 
Personally, though I am new to the site, I have learned SO MUCH that I have 
never been told in the past 9 yrs as a diabetic. I have learned that I am not 
alone in being diagnosed with diabetes. And yes, while I do say that I AM 
diabetic, diabetes is a part of me, not all of me. (Laugh time....if you are 
diagnosed with a wart, are you warty? How bout a yeast infection, are you 
yeasty?) I am diabetic. I live with it's realization many times a day. But it 
is a part of me, like brushing my teeth, and hair. 
Let's go forward, be peaceful, talk about our differences and not let 
diabetes CONSUME us, cause Chocolate tastes a whole lot better. (Yes, I love 
chocolate and it loves me, but that doesn't mean I eat it daily...I just talk 
like I do :-) Actually, my favorite, comfort food...is steamed skinless 
chicken, broccoli  and little red potatoes with parlsey and a thought of 
butter and salt free seasonings).
Good day. Tina
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