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Re: [IP] what the heck do we need our doctors for...

Ok, so who are responding to? What exactly was your point?

I think we all need to remember that what may work for YOU may NOT work for 
somebody else... so sound or not it may not work for all.

It might help if you back up what you are saying... I have followed everyone 
else's argument, but that is because they have made it clear what they are 
talking about . Mostly they have included the post they are reacting to. I am 
so lost with yours. Please try to help us all understand where you are coming 

dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992   and VERY tired of people telling what i can and 
cannot do or eat whether or not they have a point

In a message dated 4/25/2003 1:47:27 PM Central Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you are so frustrating.   Some of you are so 
> frustrating.  It's killing me. 
> You have totaly missed the point.   Missed it. Missed it.  Totally missed 
> it. 
> So let me ask you this, were you on the debate team in high school. Because 
> you really enjoy just dragging this out.  
> Hey, I don't mind egging you on, obviously you fall for it.
> Just stop it.  Oh I'm sorry, I'm not suppose to tell a diabetic what to or 
> not to do, or even make a sound suggestion, or sound opionion.
> So sorry.
> Until next reply.
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