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Re: RE[IP] Abbreviations /FINALLY

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will eliminate this header from your IP mail > >Ms Tasha, I dont usually
continue to comment on the list but I asked and >didnt receive any answer
from you about the term "brittle" diabetic. Your >comment, to some of us,
inferred that we didnt/dont take care of our bodies. >And I did become
annoyed with the label of "brittle" being implied. Heaven >knows some of
the remarks made are sarcastic on this list and even rude but >in this
case, your post was an insinuation that if someone ate what they >wanted
that they weren't taking care of themselves. If I got the wrong
>impression by the initial post than please forgive my wrong presumption
and >please explain THE meaning of brittle to us. BTW, I, also resent
someone >suggesting that I am LOW when I am displaying a valid annoyance.
I am not >low but am annoyed. If this post necessitates an apology for
any >misunderstanding on my part one will certainly be forthcoming. Jan
Dxd 1/64 >Pumping 4/02
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To the best of my understanding brittle means that any little change in
routine will shoot the bs into tailspins. I have been labeled brittle,
since first diagnosed in 1960, used to not like that word at all, now can
live with it. Just means sugar not easy to control, even if i get upset
about something it shoots way up pump helps this rollercoaster effect.
Hope this helped a littleBest regards


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