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[IP] What Makes Me Angry

With all the talk of brittle diabetes, and eating or not eating etc.
In the past few weeks I have run into some fellow diabetics who are absolutely
unable to lighten up about anything. I mean they are worried about what foot
cream will protect their feet the best, if using a lancet twice is disgusting
and will cause infections, if eating things like pasta are totally taboo, if
trying a vitamin or supplement is taboo (even if you check your BG to see how
you respond) and the one that got me--don't dare tell anyone at a second job
interview that you are a diabetic or you will not be hired.

(frankly this seems to be open line Friday, so if you are on this board and
you are a member of the other board, sorry but this is how I feel.)

I don't think anyone around here is particularly dumb with regards to their
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