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Re: RE[IP] Abbreviations /FINALLY

please visit www.idontcare..com
> and :p        ... you have to ask someone else.....

> you have a bad attitude! are you sure your sugars aren't low when you
> your snotty remark.
> So what I said, people should not be careless with their health.  And yes
> mean it, the pump is not a green light to go and put everything made with
> sugar into our bodies just because we can bolus.
> And so what if I don't know what each and every abbr.  is.  If you want an
> attitude, from me, now you got it.
> I was being patient and letting it go.  But you are too sensitive. And
> just looking for a stupid response, well I finally I to gave in.
> Hope you got what you wanted.

Hi MsTasha

(love the name btw)

As Rodney King once said,  "Can't we all just get along?"

There is a lot  to be said for eating a well balanced diet.  I don't know
what your experience has been.  But a lot of the people on this list have
been told, "Diabetics can't eat..........." Fill in the blank with the
favorite food you were ever denied.

As a result some (me included) may tend to binge once in awhile trying to
make up for years of denial imposed by self or others.  This in  turn makes
some people thin skinned when discussing what one can or cannot eat.

I  think what we all need right now is a group hug!

To the rest of the group -- who would have ever thought your resident
goof-ball would weigh in as a peace maker??????

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