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RE: [IP] disney with the pump

Made that east coast trip last year (East to me as I'm in Hawaii)with my
pump. Really didn't have any problems on the rides-just tucked it in my
shorts/jeans clip side out. With my pump in my pants, it's snug enough to
hold in place. And let me tell you I rode a lot of coasters-luv em! Only
really had 1 issue-it was with the entry checkers-as my brother was carrying
M&Ms for me and you know how they just hate you bringing in outside food. He
just told them it was part of my emergency kit-diabetic kit that is.

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WE are getting ready to leave on a 4 day trip to Orlando with our son's
high school band and we were wondering if there is anything we need to
think about with the pump that we have not doen. Talked to the Endo about
changing basal rate for extra walking etc. He said to turn basal down to
.5 for most of the day, and then .6 at night, which is pretty much a .1
to .2 reduction across the board. Is there anything funny about the pump
on fast rides like roller coasters? 
Our Endo loaned us an extra pump for backup, just in case. Made us a lot
more at ease. 

Bill and Ute French
Ft. Smith AR
Ute dx'd 10/86 Pumping with clear Paradigm 03/25/2003

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