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[IP] what the heck do we need our doctors for...

 >>but someone just insisted, that one should not imply to another what to 
do or not, what the heck do we need our doctors for, if we are going to self
medicate our selves.

I would not argue at all, that my DOCTOR's advice, is anything but essential.

i certainly can not, and will not, speak for this group, as a whole, but i 
think it safe to say
that, being "TYPE ONE" diabetic, requires medication 24 hours a day, 7 days 
a week....
(or, at the very least, in my case)
(ok... i do realize, that i can disconnect, for a short period....BUT, in 
the grand scheme.....)

Now, i dont know about everyone (or for that matter, anyone), but, I dont 
live with my doctor...

If I dont learn, and I dont know, how to "self medicate MYSELF", forget low 
bs, high bs, all, or any sugar, in the world..

I'D BE DEAD.....(and.... i sort of am enjoyin' living)

(The Opinions, Of The More Sane, May Certainly Vary)

len phila pa. dxdm 1956 pmp 10/10/02   www.lenlutz.com/mydiabetes
Lately It Occurs To Me, What A Long Strange Trip Its Been (R. Hunter)
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