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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #239

As far as your opinion about what I put in my body is just that....your
I will and do what I want and only I have to deal with the consequences.
But in the same breath you have the right to your opinion about everyone
else's health I have the right to not listen to those opinions

email @ redacted

MsTasha Wrote:
you have a bad attitude! are you sure your sugars aren't low when you wrote
your snotty remark.

So what I said, people should not be careless with their health.  And yes I
mean it, the pump is not a green light to go and put everything made with
sugar into our bodies just because we can bolus.

And so what if I don't know what each and every abbr.  is.  If you want an
attitude, from me, now you got it.

I was being patient and letting it go.  But you are too sensitive. And  are
just looking for a stupid response, well I finally I to gave in.

Hope you got what you wanted.
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