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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #235

>[IP] bathing suits

Holly Asked:

>My question to everyone is where do you put your pump when you swim?
>Also, what about summer dresses?


I'm not too sure about the bathing suit question, since I only swim under 
protest.  lol.  I have a two piece bathing suit for going to water parks, 
though and I got a waterproof pump case that straps around my waist.

As far as other one piece outfits go - I had a formal gown for a party that 
I was attending, and I just clipped the pump to the back of the dress where 
it was lower - like some bathing suits.  I guess the style of the suit makes 
all the difference.

For summer dresses - I've heard the Thigh Thing can sometimes slide.  I've 
had success using a hair scrunchie made of some type of jersey/cotton fabric 
(like a polo shirt).

Weird Jenn
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