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Re: RE[IP] Abbreviations /FINALLY

Oh gee , here we go again.  Many of us heard the term Brittle before, I was 
referring to a post.  I don't know if it came from you or someone else.  But 
it was from a person who chewed me out because, my gosh, I said we need to 
stay away from sugary foods, and just be careful with what we do, and I made 
statement that, the pump is not a green light to do whatever we want.  We 
have to be careful, although the pump does allows to be a bit more free with 
our choices, sometimes it helps to just let some things go, but someone just 
insisted, that one should not imply to another what to do or not,  in that 
case, what the heck do we need our doctors for, if we are going to self 
medicate our selves.  

So I said, now I know where the term Brittle Diabetic comes from.   I meant 
it must have been made, because of persons carelessly caring for their 
diabetes, and therefore it has been pass down to all diabetics, that may get 
out of control even though they are trying their best to care for themselves, 
it is an insulting term, especially when one has done everything possible to 
care for themselves.
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