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Re: RE[IP] Abbreviations

<<<<<<<<Just remember that I can bet my first born that not every
program calls 
their Diabetes Educators CDEs, or that the standard treatment for Type 1
MDI..  you would be suprised how many Doctors don't know these

I met a friend at church several years ago, he was diabetic and on
He had never heard of MDI, and was taking 2 shots a day of premixed
I could not believe it, thought everyone did MDI because of the better
His dr didn't even have him do his blood sugars more than once a day.
This man
had been a type 1 most of his life.  He ended up having a transplant and
then got
an infection at the hospital that his body couldn't fight off and he
died.  He was 38.  
I was devastated by his death.  I've always wondered if he'd been on MDI
and had
better control if his body would have been able to fight the infection.
I guess there
is no way to ever know the answer to that.

Faith, pumping with the dtron plus 4-5-03 

type 1 diabetic 21+ years and glad to be here

pumping since 08-00
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