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Re: [IP] The Chocolate Food Group

Hi Gail, thanks for responding, I test quite ofter, one of the things i got 
down pat is a large bagel w/ cream cheese. It is an actual 60carbs, but i 
treat it like 100 carbs and that works. My problem is i,m 5ft 4 in, 125lbs. 
and i eat alot of carbs to keep weight on, my last couple of a1c were 7.6. I 
been fooling myself thinking that's not bad since i'm eating everything i 
want, but i know i could&should do better. I felel like i need hepl but dont 
know where to start. I am 42 and just got diabeties 3yrs ago. whats your a1c 
and do you eat whatever and whenever. How many patterns do you use. I only 
use the same 2 my educater started me with, I need to check my basals. I am 
rambleing on. If you eat a lot of high fat foods and you keep bolusing  its 
prob hard to correct. any suggestions  terry
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