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re:[IP] disney with the pump

We were at the other Disney last month- the old one in CA. Not being a
teenager, my experience probably won't help you but.....
    Having a site go bad the day we were at the park didn't give me a clue as
to basal changes- after correcting by about 60 units all day, I finally walked
back to the Hotel and did a site change.
Make sure you bring all supplies with you- my memory of D World in FLA is you
can't get anywhere near your hotel by walking.
They also inspect any purses, bags, or fanny packs that you carry in. I simply
moved my belt-pack around to my back and covered it with my shirt to avoid
explaining what the monitor was.
Any rides that involve g-force could cause an un-witting bolus. Those rides
where you spin around, get plastered to a wall, or get dropped from great
heights. Needless to say, at 48 I watched my son go on those. You might
consider disconnecting at the site for each such ride (at the beginning of the
ride, not at the beginning of the line).
By the way, at airport checkins, I simply dropped the pump behind my
waist-band, otherwise you have to explain why you aren't removing your
beeper/cell phone. Never set off any alarms.
Have fun.
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