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RE: [IP] disney with the pump

bill l french <email @ redacted> asked:
> WE are getting ready to leave on a 4 day trip to Orlando with our son's
> high school band and we were wondering if there is anything we need to
> think about with the pump that we have not doen. Talked to the Endo about
> changing basal rate for extra walking etc. He said to turn basal down to
> .5 for most of the day, and then .6 at night, which is pretty much a .1
> to .2 reduction across the board. Is there anything funny about the pump
> on fast rides like roller coasters?

Well, make sure the pump is secure -- you don't want it flying off on a
ride, or even not losing it but having the infusion set tugged out.  The
bumps the rides put you through aren't extreme enough to do anything serious
to the pump unless it flies loose and smashes into something.  I just use my
Clip-N-Go for my DTron (now a +) with no hassles.

For reference, I'm a member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts.  I've
ridden literally 100's of different roller coasters.  Last summer I was on a
week-long tour though amusement parks in the United Kingdom (they've got
some great wild rides over there that will probably never be seen on this
side of the Atlantic again, unfortunately).  I can't imagine that trip
WITHOUT a pump.

I've never had any problems with the pump while at parks that were related
to the rides.  Related to forgetting to decrease my basal rate, perhaps...

To ME, a 0.2 reduction wouldn't be nearly enough.  I typically cut my basal
rate to 30% (which means, for instance, 0.6 becomes 0.18, but I let the pump
calculate that!) and can usually eat park junk on top of that (it's part of
the experience, and sometime I HAVE to bring my blood sugar up anyway even
with that big a basal cut).  However, basal reductions for activity are very
much a YMMV thing.

I'd say "eat some funnel cake for me", but I'm probably going to Knoebel's
this weekend, home of some of the best park food on Earth -- funnel cakes,
elephant ears, cheese-on-a-stick, sweet potato fries.  I'm salivating just
thinking about it.

> Our Endo loaned us an extra pump for backup, just in case. Made us a lot
> more at ease.

That's a good idea for travel in general.

"Classic case of rebuilding the airframe while the plane's in flight..." --
Don Brinker
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