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Re: [IP] disney with the pump


  We did DisneyWorld last summer with Josh's pump and it was a BLAST!!!  Got 
to meet some of the folks from this list too....that waas FANTASTIC.  Just 
make sure your son wears his pump very secure, close to his body.  Josh used 
his Waist-It pouch the whole time.  I did a 10% reduction across the board, 
and especially at night.  I checked his BGs each night around 3AM.  At the 
water parks Josh disconnected but do NOT suspend the pump, because if it 
beeps (we have an H-Tron+) and it is sitting in a locker you can imagine the 
caous that could cause....LOL.

Be prepared to have your bags checked at each park.  We used a backpack for 
carrying everything, including my purse and Josh's fannie pack with his 
meter.  This worked really well.

The most important thing I can tell you is this.......HAVE FUN!!!!!!  That 
will be SOOOOO easy to do!

mom to Joshua
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