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Re: [IP] re: abbreviations...

>>  CDE= Certified Diabetes Educator... a nurse or dietician with
>> additional training in diabetes....most see a CDE more frequently then
>> they do their endo>>>>>>>>

> Not me!  (I know you said most, don't yell at me!  :)  )

I also see my endo more often, but my reasons are monetary.  The endo's
visit is covered by my insurance, but the DNE's (CDE) isn't.  The visits are
reasonable at $40, but it adds up if you go often.  I normally talk with my
DNE and fax her numbers when I want some advice.  She then talks with the
endo to coordinate it.  So when I see my endo every three months I get
pretty much the same feedback that I would get from the DNE.   I usually
check in with my DNE once or twice a year to help us remember what we look
like.  :-)  It's nice that she is willing to put in the time without
charging me the money.

The dietician on the other hand I haven't seen since...hmmm...can't
remember.  :-)

-- Sherry
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