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[IP] Re: Paradigm Power Failure

I am currently on my third Paradigm pump since I changed from my 508 in
The other two pumps failed for various reasons. My current Paradigm pump is
apparently having power problems. Below are some of the latest problems:

      - About 2 weeks ago I woke up with a blood sugar close to 400. The
pump was dead ( glad that I did not wake up dead ). The alarm history did
not report a battery failure. After replacing the battery the pump
functioned fine. The Mini-Med help line suggested that I keep a close eye
on the pump and call them should it happen again.

      - Yesterday, I had a meeting where I had to drive for 2.5 hrs in the
morning. When I drive, I set a temp. basal rate .3 units higher than the
normal basal rate. I checked my BS before the meeting - it was 115. I took
.3 units before the meeting. The meeting lasted 2hrs & 15min.. My BG level
was 185 after the meeting. I thought that the high BG level was due to
stress. When I looked at my pump to make a correction bolus, it was dead. I
pushed the blue act. button and the pump came back to life and worked fine.
The pump did not alarm me that there was a power problem. The alarm history
did not have any information on why the pump quit functioning.

      I called Mini Med to discuss the problem. The tech. service lady said
that sometimes the pump may stop working without a warning. I mentioned
that the pump was designed to notify the user should a problem develop
before the pump shuts down. The only suggestion that was made by Mini Med
was that I clean the cap with alcohol before installing a replacement

      I like the Paradim pump - when it works. Should it shut down again
without warning I am going to send the pump back to Mini Med and replace it
with another company's pump that may be more dependable. Any suggestions?
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