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Re: [IP] refilling paradigm reservoirs/Batteries

Interesting you mention batteries.

For the Paradigm do we really need to use Energizers, I ask because last 
night my battery was low, and it was storming, my husband is out of town. And 
I have 3 kids, one was sleeping.

So a friend was sweet enough and go get the batteries for me, and he was 
teasing me saying, okay I'll go get the Rayovac.

But of course he got me energizers.   

Once I did put a Rayovac in the pump, and well needless to say, I had to get 
a new pump.  He had a strange message.  Beeping and whistles.  However it was 
exchanged.  The medtronic people had asked if I dropped it.  I said no.  I 
felt like an idiot I had only had it 2 months. So I said no.  But I did drop 
a few times in the restroom, not hard.  And after I received  the new one.  I 
gotten a newsletter not to expose the pumps to x-rays,  and well that's what 
I had done about 1 month before, it started acting crazy.  I had to get my 
knee x-rayed and I did not know, you are not supposed to where the pump while 
x-raying.   So I think that's what happen to it.  Not the battery.

Okay.  This was too long. C-ya.   
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