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Re: RE[IP] Abbreviations

To be fair, my doctors office calls their CDE's, DNE's (Diabetes Nurse
Educators).  Not sure why the difference, but I did figure have to figure
out what a CDE was when I was on this list.  Both the DNE's in our office
are also RN's (Registered Nurses) so that might make a difference.  I know a
lot of training goes into becoming a CDE, but I don't think you have to be
an RN?

As for MDI, my doctor felt I was doing great on two shots of NPH a day and
two shots of Regular.  When I asked the doctor in 1996 about Humalog, he
told me it wouldn't work with my routine and I wouldn't want to take more
shots would I.  Grr...   My A1C's by the way were in the 8s.  Needless to
say when I got old enough to get my own doctor I did (1998).  I found an
internist who bumped me up to an extra shot of Regular.  Whohoo!  But didn't
know enough about Humalog to feel comfortable perscribing (reminder, just an
internist).  Then I found out about insulin pumps(1999), hopped through 3
endos before I found my current one.  Was immediately switched to NPH and
Humalog, carb counting, and within 2 months had my pump and was pumping.
Since I started pumping in 1999 and Lantus came out in 2000, it was never an
option for me.  Looking at my basal rates during the day, I am not sure it
would have been a good one.  So technically I was only on MDI for two months
before pumping, unless three shots a day counts as MDI, then in that case I
was on MDI since 1984.

-- Sherry
dxd 8/80  pump 12/99 MM508
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