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[IP] What is a fever?

My little boy has a low grade fever (and is taking baby tylenol) and is
working on some back teeth right now which made me ponder what exactly a fever
is. I thought some of you smart medical folks could help me. Is a fever a
result or byproduct of the body's immune system fighting off something? Or is
it more that the body is so "busy" fighting the germs that it loses control
over maintaining body temp as closely? (I know this is a simplistic way to say
it.) And what is it about a fever that does damage? I know that high fevers
are dangerous, but why? It's not like the temperature gets high enough to
"cook" something.  Does it??
Okay, sorry if I sound like a freak. I was up with the baby a few times during
the night and it lead to this odd reasoning.
Obligatory D topic:  Stress can make your blood sugar rise. Or drop.  YMMV

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
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