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[IP] refilling paradigm reservoirs

Well I'm getting the hang of refilling the new style of reservoirs, thanks
for all the tips!:) Yesterday I ended up with only 139 units in it after
priming though. The needle must have just been plugged the first time I
tried refilling one. I was worrying this morning about my first battery
change as I found it hard to tell which way to put it in during the training
course. My husband was teasing me because I bought the Rayovac maximum plus
like Ryan suggested. I replied that I remembered that name from his post and
that there were about 6 different kinds of energizer batteries to choose
from and darn it, I couldn't remember what was recommended! He laughed about
the trainer making a big deal about the brand of battery as isn't
electricity all the same?!? I went swimming for the first time with my new
pump on Wednesday. I was nervous and excited. All went well. Thanks for the
tip about putting it in the small of my back and biting the tubing when you
don't have anything to clip it to for the post-swim shower! I did notice
that it made a quiet whooshing sound for about 10 minutes after the swim. I
figure it was moisture on the air lock. I'm looking forward to swimming
across our lake this summer and being able to partake of our neighbour's
hospitality of a cookie or lemonaid when I visit their side! I find it IS
smaller than the 508 now that I have the new clip. Doesn't jab as much when
I wear it at my waist too. I have to say that as I've gotten older I am
losing my inhibitions (too many lows over the years?) and will haul it out
of my bra almost anywhere, any time! Have been known to lick my plate too in
front of company, especially if dessert was blueberry pie!
Thanks again everyone! Susan
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