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Re: [IP]"Brittle"...My rant...was...Sugar and more Sugar..warning...long post

Thanks Barbara......oh so true....and I've heard everyone of them...and
still do!!!!!
my endo(who is the best by the way IMHO) asked me at my last appt...(I was
very frustrated because I was told I need to take better care of
myself....because the paramedics had to be called because of a severe low)
anyway....my endo asked me if that person ever had to live with
diabetes????nuff said!!!!!thanks for all the input and
encouragement....thanks Barbara.....you're the best....have a good day

Rhonda   type 1 (brittle...haha) for 38 years....pumping for 8...love my
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Sugar..warning...long post

> >>some doctors would use the word Brittle Diabetic<<
> Just my opinion, which has been stated here previously (a couple of years
> ago)...
> the term "brittle" is an old one, and a subjective one, applied to Type 1
> diabetes.
> It usually means, from the medical community perspective (and a few
> uninformed lay persons):
> 1. I haven't a clue how to help you get BG control.
> 2. Intensive management? never heard of it.
> 3. Pattern management? What is that?
> 4. You want a pump? What for? Oh, your diabetes is so out of control (aka,
> bad), nothing else will help you.
> 5. Well, if you would just do xxx, and xxxx, and yyy, and zzz, you'd have
> better A1c results.
> 6. Never mind about your other hormone levels, they have no effect on your
> BG.
> 7. Stress? Now, what do you have to be stressed about?
> 8. Don't think about pregnancy or fathering a child.
> 9. Two shots a day are fine.
> 10. Don't forget to sterilize your syringes, needles, etc.
> 11. BG testing....never mind that, just check the urine sugar.
> 12. We'll have a cure in five years, so don't worry about any of this.
> 13. Don't eat anything labeled "sugar."
> 14. Don't eat anything labeled "fat."
> 15.  Limit your protein intake.
> 16. Don't eat anything "white."
> 17. Don't eat.
> 18. Don't gain any weight.
> 19. Don't lose any weight.
> 20. Don't grow.
> Feel free to add any other nonsense you might have heard.
> BarbaraB.
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