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Re: [IP] U500 now approved for sale in US

Dear All, u500 insulin has always been available in the US (usually used in
ER for severe hyperglycemia. I know because I just switched to u500 last
week--what a miricle for me-- I was using >300u of humulog per day by pump
along with Avandia!! now I use 60-80units of u500 a day(still with
Avandia). Don't expect Lilly to help with conversion ratios (I called them
but all they wanted was a report on the problem with the Humulog--Minimed
didn't have any info either) Luckily I know someone who works with an endo
in NC who got the info for me. I live in Indpls and thank goodness for the
internet and e-mail.

David Jensen wrote:

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> Hi all,
> Those of you who consume massive quantities of insulin might be
> interested to know that on Friday (April 18, 2003), the Food and Drug
> Administration approved the following for sale in the US:
> Humulin R (human insulin [rDNA origin] injection) U-500, Eli Lilly and
> Company
> There is a notation on the FDA website where I found this, suggesting
> that it is available only by prescription.  This FDA website lists all
> drug approvals since 1998: http://www.fda.gov/cder/approval/index.htm
> Until Friday, I believe that all insulin sold in the US was of U100
> strength - meaning all insulins were at the same concentration of 100
> units per cc (a.k.a. 100 units per mL).    This one is five times more
> concentrated.  Unfortunately, it's "regular" and therefore a
> longer-acting insulin than optimal for pump use (and I don't know
> whether it has been approved for pump use anyway), but if you are
> burning through so much insulin that you have to change your pump
> cartridges more than once a day, you might talk to your endo about it.
> Caveat here: the fact that the FDA has approved this for sale only
> means that Lilly can now legally sell this drug; it doesn't necessarily
> mean that Lilly has already shipped it to your pharmacist.   Lilly
> hasn't put this on their website yet, so I take that to mean that
> they're not terribly excited about this product......
> Maria
>   - who dilutes Sigrid's insulin to U25 (but at least we *can* do
> something about the concentration in this direction; I really feel for
> y'all at the other end of the spectrum).
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