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Re: [IP] Re: Who should be doing the work?

> (also, i think i know better, where i might, or might not, be "tender")
> (this is in no way, a statement, on whether one should, or should not,
> in this activity)

It isn't that I think I know better where I'd be tender, but somehow it is
much easier to relax when I do it myself.  If someone else does it, I tense
up, so it hurts worse.

During pregnancy, I needed my husband's help with site changes.  I HATED
depending on him for help.  I really looked forward to being more flexible
and better able to reach all those areas.  Also, what happens when he's not
there and the site change is very necessary?  That happened a few times
during pregnancy, and it was very hard to twist and reach the desired spot.
Just looking at it was, quite literally, a pain in the neck.  I found it
freeing to do it myself once I regained mobility in my middle!

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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