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Re: [IP] Re: Pre-filled Cartridges

> You can set up your own "pre-fills" by filling the cartridges when you
open a
> new bottle of insulin.

Is this safe?  I thought I read that plastic would somehow degrade the
insulin if it were left in there very long.  If that is not true, I'd love
to give this a try.

By the way, in answer to the person who first asked about this, I think the
Disetronic Dtron plus is the only pump available that offers prefilled
cartridges.  If you like that perk, then the Dtron plus is the pump for you!
I tried it out when I got a trial with the Dtron plus, and it was really
very nice to use, and a DEFINITE time saver.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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