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Re: [IP] Sugar and more Sugar

I have the same probllem I am 5 ft 4 in and I weigh 125 lbs, if i ate like a 
normal person i would also loose weight which i dont want to do. So I eat 
lots of carbs and fats. I know if i would watch that more I would have better 
#'s my last couple of a1c's were 7.6 but being i eat whatever i want i dont 
think thats to bad. I guess I thing bening on the pump I can eat whatever i 
want. Do other people do that. I dont think my basal's are quite right, 
because i consider my self good at carb counting. I have been on the pump 2 
1/2 years and only have 2 daily patterns.l think I need to invest some time 
into it. Comments anyone   Thanks Terry
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