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[IP] spit

hell yeah i have used spit to clean my site!! If it was good enough for my 
mama to use to clean my face, then it is good enough for me to use to clean 
off that little drop of blood, or whatever is oozing out when i rip off my 
old site!!

it is MY spit after all...i would not think MY spit would cause ME any 
problems...of course, if I spit on someone else, and god knows, I have often 
wanted to do that...no telling what might GROW on  you...

who is back from sailing, skiing and horseback riding all in the space of 2 
1/2 weeks...oh AND I ate a chocolate bunny....AND I got the dreaded E01 alarm 
shortly after getting thrown off the horse....MNMD told me it was from 
static....I was in Michigan which is possibly DRIER than AZ, but I think it 
was caused by my heart stopping briefly as I flew through the air, and was 
jolted back into order when I grabbed onto the fence to keep from flying into 
the mud...MNMD DIDNT tell me that my basals and insulin remaining were wiped 
out....so I woke up after a long nap with the highest blood sugar I have had 
in y ears.....sigh....but it was worth it...
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