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[IP] Re: Brittle...My rant...etc

Oh Barbara B. thank you for putting everything so very eloquently.  I have
been running into the darndest opinions today (on other web sites) and you're
right. People are taking everything wrong and being very grumpy and these are
mostly fellow diabetics.
We all know newbies who have lots of valid questions, and are hopefully being
taught how to make good judgments and take care of themselves.
But we also know---

We are not going to have amputated fingers if we reuse a lancet.
We are not going to go into a coma if we eat a piece of chocolate.
We are not going to lose our foot if we don't inspect it tonight before we go
to bed.

Well, you get the idea what I have been running into today.
Thanks again for your definition of brittle.
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