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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #236

>>>So, the question is are doctors more lax in their young patients learning 
to care for themselves...>>>

We recently babysat a five-year-old type 1 girl for the weekend while her 
parents went out of town.  They felt comfortable leaving her with us because 
we have a 16-year-old type 1 boy, and are therefore experienced in dealing 
with diabetes.  The little girl is still on MDI, and I was sweating the 
thought of having to give her her insulin injections--our son wasn't 
diagnosed until age 12, so I had never given one before.  Thankfully, she was 
a well-trained little trooper and did the testing and the injections all by 
herself.  Of course a simple injection isn't as complicated as a site change, 
but  I could see that she'd had good training by doctor and parents.

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