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Re: [IP] Doctors

Why did you beg him? Just fire him, ask for your records and "let your 
fingers do the walking" in the yellow pages. Write a list of questions that 
are relevant to your situation, ie: insurance, age, pump friendly. and ask if 
you may talk with a few of their current patients for referral (or, if they 
do not have that option, after you have narrowed it down, sit outside their 
office and talk to the people who are entering and leaving. Sit in the 
waiting room for a while and see if people are happy, how they are greeted or 
are they irritated by waiting, again). YOU pay the doctor, YOU choose who you 
go to> While your choice may possibly be limited, due to location or HMO or 
such, Take charge. 
The last time I say an endo (I was referred to him). I instantly did not like 
him. I thought ok, maybe he was having a bad day. Saw him once more. Nope, 
and that was it. I found another doctor that I LOVE. She is a GP, but 
anything I ask and she doesn't know, she makes an effort to find out and will 
then call me with the answer. Several years ago, when lantus came on the 
market. I asked to switch. She did the research and then called me and called 
in the prescription. I asked about the insulin pump. We talked and came to 
the conclusion that I would greatly benefit, and moved forward. Doctors are 
people to, just like police, bankers and auto mechanics. 
If a mechanic refused to find you a new part, insisting you keep and fix the 
old part, would you not take your business elsewhere. Don't let Doctors push 
you around. Take charge.
(Sorry for the soapbox, folks) Tina
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