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[IP] Paradigm silhoette infusion set to try

Kristen Wrote ( I apologize for the blank e-mail, my mistake)
"It's too expensive" is a STUPID way to look at it.  Whoever thought of that
must be lacking in the common sense department.

Sharon replied:
Sometimes MM gets these rookie sales people or even the seasoned veteran sales
people with an attitude. My thought is and I tell them "I have been buying
supplies for  four years in my case and I would like to stay with your
company. I am not sure if I like the quicksets - in the persons case who
originally posted, because - some reason. One thing I didn't like about the
quickset demo on the paradigm video tape was that it had to be clicked into
place - I felt uncomfortable about that. "I would like to try the silhouette
infusion set". try that, if not try Your diabetes educator.  I know our local
CDE gets a lot of stuff free from minimed. Our CDE seems to recommend sets to
people who have different needs. Keep trying. Sharon B
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